About us

We would like to welcome you to
KatiSol Kinderland


Our facilities are composed of five classrooms and an extensive outdoor area. All rooms are equipped with age-specific materials and toys, using mostly sustainable products made of wood. An environment of bright and friendly colors invites the little ones to explore, play and learn. Together with them we decorate the rooms so that each and every one can identify with them and feel comfortable.

We attach great importance to security and cleanliness. The facilities correspond entirely to the high, statutory safety regulations. Cleaning work takes place several times a day, as well as a thorough final cleaning at the end of the day. Regarding Covid-19 you can read up the specific measures in the “Covid-19 protocol” section.

In the outdoor area the children can romp around on over 200m2. Whether in our “sandcastle” with roofed sand-pit and play kitchen, on one of our two climbing frames, in the ball-pit or in a motorbike race, there is something for everyone. In our little fruit and veg garden, which is taken care of by the older groups, the children learn to respect and appreciate the value of what is given to us by nature. In general, we involve them as much as possible in the maintenance of the garden area, which they obviously enjoy a lot.


In KatiSol Kinderland we work with small groups of 7 – 11 children, depending on age. We maintain a very familiar, relaxed atmosphere in our facilities where the munchkins can feel like home (that is why we distance ourselves from wearing uniforms). That means as well, that the children are included as much as possible in the planning of the daily routine in the centre.

Following the pedagogical ideas of Célestin Freinet, we do provide a certain framework for the day, which gives security and structure to the little ones, but in which they are able to develop freely. Here we orient ourselves on the ideas and wishes they communicate themselves as well as on the impulses they set during, for example, free play and from which we derive interests and needs.

Our roles as educators aren’t the ones of “the adult that says what’s done”. We understand ourselves more as companions, supporters, helpers and persons of trust by the munchkin’s side. Working in small groups makes it possible for us to attend every single child’s needs and wishes and that way create an atmosphere of appreciation, mutual respect and love.


In KatiSol Kinderland we offer groups exclusively held in German as well as bilingual groups held in Spanish/English. If in the future we recognise a demand for groups exclusively held in English or Spanish we will also be able to answer to that.